September 29, 2009

Just a quick word to let you know that the doctors visit went well.  The doctor does want to wean Mary from the steroids if she shows no setbacks in her speaking ability.  Over the next 2 weeks we will cut her daily dosage in half.  The next two weeks in half again, and then totally off.  This is something you can pray for.  If the inflammation is gone in her brain, and if the tumor has not increased the pressure on her brain she should be able to be weaned from the steroids.  If either of those two things are not true, she wil likely have to go back on her current daily intake.   With everything Mary is taking it would be a small victory for her if she could get off the steroids.

Thanks for your prayers.


5 Responses to “TUESDAY”

  1. Kris and Shari Simbro Says:

    You are in our prayers daily…….and we will definitely pray about this steroid issue. Thanks for the update and all the information you give us in order for our prayers on your behalf to be so effective. We love you…..

    Kris and Shari

  2. Julie Jurkovich Says:

    We am praying that she would be able to cut the steroids, and that the swelling would be down.

    Julie & Mark Jurkovich

  3. Nancy Redmond Says:

    It was good to read the update of your trip to Chicago & Michigan. I trust that David Biggs came through his surgery well; and that Mary Ann did well with this round of chemo. I had a good trip to N.C. to visit Blanche, returning home late Tuesday night. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sending much love across the miles. Nancy

  4. bonnie naisbitt Says:

    I still miss you all. you are in my prayers. I check daily to see if there is some good news. Bonnie Naisbitt Newton,Ia.

  5. Linda Gray Says:

    Love you, Mary Ann!


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